Floral dresses are the new black

A Jean Paul Gaultier floral print column dress ended up being my dress choice for last night’s fashion show fundraising gala. The ladies at the event really turned it up and everyone looked fabulous! In an interesting twist of fate, a much younger, taller and slimmer fashion show model was donning the same dress on the catwalk and it made for entertaining conversation. I’ve noted a floral dress trend for evening events, including the MET Gala, and I would certainly not shy away from a bold dress choice for future events – maybe even the Dolce and Gabbana key-print dress featured below… (with my future lottery winnings…).












What to wear to a gala

I am attending a fundraising gala tonight. The question is always – what to wear? While I think I’m generally strong on street-style, dress-up events in fall/winter, when the weather is cooler/cold, can pose challenges. In my experience, women often struggle with hitting the right note when it comes to dressing for a fancy affair any time of year – be it holiday party, wedding or gala. Below is a perfect example of the typical range of interpretations at the same event – from “mother-of-the-groom” to “cruise-ship” to “gardening”. Each one, I’m sure, thinking that they’ve nailed it. It is a rare right-minded woman who walks out the door thinking, my goal today was to look as bad as possible, and I’ve achieved that goal. Most self-respecting folks put in an effort.

The considerations when deciding on an outfit are similar to when you are planning a hosted meal or a vacation – the devil is in the details. Most hosts wouldn’t dream of serving their guests a steak dinner consisting of just steak, they would consider side-dishes, drink choices and dessert. Nor, would you plan a vacation only booking your accommodation, without also considering transportation to and from your destination.

Choices, when it comes to event-dressing, include what to wear for a dress: length, fabric, color, body-con or loose, T or A, both, neither, should I wear a dress at all. Shoes vs boots, heel height, strappy sandal, closed-toe, handbag, hair, coat, no coat … The list goes on. In my view, if you are not struggling you are either a pro, a rookie who thinks she’s a pro, you are a 6′ supermodel who looks good in everything, or you don’t care. I’m always perplexed by that last category as it typically resonates as having a lack of respect for self and/or others.

I have tried on a number of options, and think I’ve finally made my choice… but I also know I’m prone to changing my mind as I’m walking out the door depending on the amount of pre-event influences like salt intake, weather fluctuations, other… In my quest, I searched and discovered a number of different sites/blogs with some useful event-dressing tips including the ones found at http://m.wikihow.com/Dress-for-a-Gala. I hope to post pics of the evening so stay tuned…

Image: blog.what2wearwhere