The House of Balmain

The Fashion Foot

If you’ve never heard of this brand before, then you’re missing out on some wonderful fashion. So let me educate you:


The house of Balmain has been around since Pierre Balmain established it in 1945. Today the iconic flagship building can be found in the heart of Paris in the ‘triangle d’or’, which remains a beautiful and elegant boutique.


Balmain’s signature style, the ’Jolie-Madame’, was incredibly popular thanks to his idea of “always dressing women in the right look for the right moment”, and this basic yet important concept has stayed with the designers who’ve run the house after him. From Herve-Pierre to Oscar de La Renta, they were inspired by the founder’s elegance and style, and thus created their own modern interpretation of Balmain’s belief while continuing his tradition of making beautiful, quality fashion.

The designer now in charge of this legendary house is Olivier Rousteing, who’s been responsible…

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