London, Paris, Rome… Style Takeaways…

Each of these cities has its own distinct energy and style. The differences are notable the minute you step out into the street. Aside from the language differences, tourists and foreigners are easily identified in flip flops, shorts and tee shirts. If you want to try to fit in, my observations of each city is as follows:

London is all about the ankle boot – typically black. Rag & Bone makes a perfect pair!





Paris is not so much about a particular item, as it is about attitude!! That said, boots (mainly low-heeled ankle boot), heels (primarily pumps), scarves, and tights are worn by every woman, of every age and style. With the exception of one stunningly pretty and thin blonde in Loubs, and one woman in a Chanel jacket, I saw no labels or logos on French women. No designer bags or other conspicuous items. Just basic pieces worn with attitude and a very deliberate walk… and a cigarette (disgusting to me, but they made it look cool).



Rome is about leather handbags…



The Holy Grail Of Shoes… The Valentino Rockstuds in Poudre!!

Finally, after scouring the world, I have found “the” shoes. In my color. In my size. In my heel height. All of the planets aligned! These shoes have been sold out around the world for months. If you didn’t get them during a Valentino trunk show, you didn’t get them. I’ve searched every website and every store in London and Paris. We just happened to stumble upon a Valentino boutique on a side street in Paris. We went directly to the shoes. There were none on display. There haven’t been for months. Already knowing the answer would be “no”, I inquired with the sales associate whether she had the nude Rockstuds, as I gestured at some brown-ish ones. She asked what size and heel height. I told her. She said, she’d check in the back. I was expecting her to return either empty-handed or with the brown ones, or maybe the wrong size by four sizes. In about 30 seconds she appeared with a red box. I held my breath… When she opened the box there they were… The Valentino Rockstuds in Poudre… In love…